Where did the framed prints go?

There are currently no framed prints available at the Ateliershop, apart from one, a framed version of the art print warrior. It will go offline soon, too. But I will offer framed prints again in the future. I had to take them out of the shop, because I am packing everything for my upcoming exhibition during Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig. And it is simply impossible to update the shop during the event if something got sold. Most framed prints are unique pieces, many of them with antique or handpainted frames, so they can not be redone in the same manner. After the Wave Gotik Treffen the remaining framed prints will go back into the shop, and with some time, there will also be added new ones. If you are not willing to wait for that, feel free to send me a request for a custom order for the image you desire to be framed. You can also add your wishes concerning the size of an image and the way it should be framed, e.g. zu fit your existing interior design and/or color scheme. Everything is possible. No, wait, the only thing I don’t do is canvas prints, simply because I don’t like them at all. The only days I cannot process shop orders will be between May 16th and 22nd, but the Ateliershop will stay open nevertheless.