Where did the framed prints go?

There are currently no framed prints available at the Ateliershop, apart from one, a framed version of the art print warrior. It will go offline soon, too. But I will offer framed prints again in the future. I had to take them out of the shop, because I am packing everything for my upcoming exhibition during Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig. And it is simply impossible to update the shop during the event if something got sold. Most framed prints are unique pieces, many of them with antique or handpainted frames, so they can not be redone in the same manner. After the Wave Gotik Treffen the remaining framed prints will go back into the shop, and with some time, there will also be added new ones. If you are not willing to wait for that, feel free to send me a request for a custom order for the image you desire to be framed. You can also add your wishes concerning the size of an image and the way it should be framed, e.g. zu fit your existing interior design and/or color scheme. Everything is possible. No, wait, the only thing I don’t do is canvas prints, simply because I don’t like them at all. The only days I cannot process shop orders will be between May 16th and 22nd, but the Ateliershop will stay open nevertheless.

Leger des Heils Installation | Release “Imperium”

I have mentioned this work before in my old Archives, but today I will write a bit more from “behind the scenes”. I created this piece(s) in the second half of last year, after Mario, the man behind the musical project Leger des Heils had contacted me, to ask me for some visual works for his album release “Imperium”. I could not be happier with this request, because I have known and liked Mario’s music for many years and before he asked, I had no idea that he had followed my work as well for quite some time.

While the previous releases all have a more bright approach in design, Mario was looking for something more dark to illustrate his musical works. He came to the right place. Although I have created some pretty bright things myself, it is still the darker side of art & design that I enjoy creating the most.

He gave me the (at that point unreleased and of course top secret) tracks of the album, as a soundtrack to work to. I loved the album immediately. Because I was going to create something entirely new for the album art, I decided to do it on a larger scale. The result is this installation, each piece measuring 40x40cm. These images are not paintings, but digital collages based on photographies. Every piece has been printed once and I mounted it on medium density fibreboard and sealed it with various layers. It is still possible to frame them additionally, but not necessary. The whole installation measures 120x80cm plus a few tolerance cm between the images.

While working in the area of media design, it sometimes is more of a service work than a collaboration. But in this case it was very different. It was a true collaboration and certainly not our last artistic project together. When it came to picking the covers for the cd release and the record (they are not identical), we immediately picked the same pieces.

Ususally, when I reveal art to a client, I am a bit nervous, will he really like it, or not? But I remember the evening before I revealed the final works to Mario, a friend was writing to me, to wish me good luck for the viewing. My spontaneous answer was, I do not need luck, I know he is going to love it. And I knew I was right, when I saw his face the next day, looking at the artworks. Thank you very much, Mario, it was an absolute pleasure to work with you!

I had various requests to sell just one or two images from this installation, but I am not willing to take the pieces apart from each other. It would destroy the installation forever. The six pieces were created to stay together in the special order they are displayed in. It’s either all of them or none. (Price on request)


Leger des Heils: Imperium

“Five years after their latest opus Leger des Heils return with their new album “Imperium“, their most intense and personal work to date. “Imperium” contains ten songs of ritual poetry, fragility and enlightenment, which cast a glimpse in to the spiritual life of Leger des Heils. It’s an album of hymnal music, designated to the guardian of light. The artwork created by Laetitia Mantis, high priestess of magical art, is woven into the concept as a perfect visual supplement to the music while the album was mastered by Michael Powers (Area Bombardment).” (Text from the official release announcement)


New art and photo prints available & a recommendation

Besides working on the reissue of this virtual diary and preparing and packing for the WGT madness, I spent a lot of time selecting new images for the Ateliershop and getting them ready for sale. I must say, it was a very good decision to close my private Ateliershop and migrate it to Etsy by the end of last year. If you have art or other handmade goods to sell, as well as antiques and curiosities, I can really recommend this platform to you. The system is easy to use and you don’t have to worry about payment options and the likes, Etsy takes care of that. And the fees for putting items into the shop are very reasonable for the service, as well as the percentage that is taken from every sale. All in all I am very content with it. Also, its nice to see how many people offer handmade goods and special things, that you would never find in a mass market. The creativity I see in some shops makes me want to believe that the world is not totally wrapped in plastic by now.


Of course, I still wish people would spend more money on art. I often hear complaints about prices, and one moment later people buy soulless things instead, for more money. You can own a limited edition print of my works by less of a price than a served dinner at a restaurant for two. Or five packs of cigarettes. I think that is a very reasonable price. Of course, there are also more expensive things. But alas, you can shop at Ikea instead and buy a framed print that you share with millions of people. Or get one of those ugly wall tattoos instead, the word “coffee” on anyones kitchen wall will totally underline individual morning grumpiness. I should get one of those, too, because I am grumpy as fuck if you talk to me before the first coffee. Last week I almost killed a neighbour, because he was waving at me the moment I opened the shades, I was still in my underpants. Just kidding, but only about the wall tattoo.

Anyway, what I want to say is, if you buy art from an artist, you do not only make yourself happy with the item, or a person you give it to as a present, you also make the artist happy and ensure that there will be more art in the future.

Leipzig – Wave Gotik Treffen 2018

Before all the appointment fuss starts again, the anual who-to-meet-when-and-where, I will make it quite easy this year. I will be at the heathen village (“Heidnisches Dorf”) every day (yes, Friday to Monday) from 11am to midnight. So literally I will be a mountain, unable to leave, while all you prophets have to come and see me, at least, if you want to. I will be running a merch booth outside of Torhaus Dölitz (Helenenstraße 24, 04279 Leipzig), while the Torhaus will show my exhibition KultHaus. (Yes, the artworks within the exhibition are all for sale, so don’t forget your wallet!) There is also a program of talks, lectures and rituals for the same location, all related to the occult somehow. Please check the official program for details or visit the facebook page for the whole event (linked below, in the image). On Saturday afternoon, May 19th, I have a special appearance in the program as well. From 3 to 6pm I will be inside Torhaus Dölitz to transform the exhibition into a full installation for all senses. See you in Leipzig!

KultHaus (artworks, set design & flyer by Laetitia Mantis)

Some bridges need burning

Laetitia Mantis (February 2018)

Dear friends, silent watchers, stalkers and foes!

Sometimes there comes a point in life, when you feel the need to burn a bridge. And here I am, putting back the matches into my pocket, turning around for a last time to watch the fire.

Yes, I have taken offline the old Laetitia Mantis | Atelier Abraxas | Okkulteur Archive. I hope it entertained you well for the time being. I will go on to use this “virtual diary” though, so stay tuned for the things to come. Please note, this is not my official homepage, if you came here to get an overview of my visual works & skills, please visit the link above from the navigation menu or simply click on the image to the left (or above, if you use a smaller device to view this page).