Leger des Heils „Imperium“

„Five years after their latest opus Leger des Heils return with their new album „Imperium“, their most intense and personal work to date. “Imperium” contains ten songs of ritual poetry, fragility and enlightenment, which cast a glimpse in to the spiritual life of Leger des Heils. It’s an album of hymnal music, designated to the guardian of light. The artwork created by Laetitia Mantis, high priestess of magical art, is woven into concept as a perfect visual supplement to the music while the album was mastered by Michael A Bombardment (Area Bombardment). Date of release : 1st of December. IMPERIUM is available as Cd- Boxset ( ltd.200 incl. mcd Musica Sacra and inserts), Digipak -cd, lp ( ltd. 100 white vinyl, 100 black vinyl) – for order : via pm or www.lichterklang.de